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Until recently, most of forest protected areas had been designated concentrating on the high mountains and managed separately. The Baekdudaegan Mountains System (BDMS) is the backbone of Korean geography and a major source for forest biodiversity. The BDMS Protected Area was designated to prohibit the reckless devastation by development activities and to maintain the original feature of the main topography as well as to conserve forest biodiversity by linking other mountainous protected area, promoting restoration of degraded or devastated forests, encouraging organic farming for private agricultural lands. Therefore, the BDMS Protected Area prevents the loss of biodiversity due to fragmentation and provides diverse forest ecosystem services.

The Status of Baekdudaegan Mountains System Protected Area

To designate and manage the BDMS Protected Area, the Act of the BDMS Protected Area was established in December 2003 through a lot of discussions and collection of opinions with participation of all related stakeholders. While the main ridge of the BDMS starts from Baekdu(Mt.) to jirisan(Mt.), designated BDMS protected area in September 2005 covers only South Korean part with the area of 260,000 ha (core area covers 170,000 ha which takes 65%
and buffer zone covers 90,000 ha which takes 35%). This is about 2.6% of the total land area and 4% of the total forest area in Korea. Furthermore, the BDMS embraces historical temples in each mountains; national treasures such as Sangwon-sa Bronze Bell and Dukjusa Maebul statue, historic places and natural monuments which represent the forest culture.

Name : Baekdudaegan Mountains Reserve
IUCN Management Category : Ⅳ
Biogeographical Province : Dongyang deciduous forest area, Temperate non‐coniferous forest biome,Indeciduous sclerophyllus forest biome
Geographical Location : N 35.2516° ~ 38.3750°, E 127.4765° ~ 129.0595° Goseong‐gun in Ganwon Province ~ Gurye‐gun in Jeolllanamdo Province
Date and History of Establishment : Designated on Sep. 2005
Area : 2,634.27㎢
Land Tenure : State (79%), Public land (8%), Private land (13%)
Altitude: 80 ~ 1916.8 m